A dedicated professional team of developers that guarantee continuity
in development and deployment.

Dedicated Development Team

Our developers are fully trained on agile methodology to provide continuous development and continuous delivery throughout the span of the project. Our two models are:

This is a model when you are not set on building a software department, but need tech talent fully dedicated to a project. We offer full-fledged, efficiently managed dedicated teams for end-to-end coverage of your technology-driven needs. We leave it to the Customer to determine the preferred degree of monitoring and involvement, while ensuring full visibility into the project progress.


A client-managed dedicated team is the perfect solution when your ongoing project experiences ad hoc demand in extra resources, new technologies or domain-specific expertise. Led by a project manager on your side, Coveport's dedicated specialists will essentially, consistently and cost effectively fill the gaps in your project needs, demonstrating masterly alignment with the established processes and procedures.

At Coveport, we collaborate closely with customer representatives to define a custom solution. We elicit and validate requirements through interviews, user interface design walkthroughs, and prototype evaluations. The requirements development process within our company embraces the following stages

Scope Definition

  • Understanding the business vision, goals and objectives of the new or replaced solution.
  • Defining the context for the project undertaking.


  • Analyzing the elicited solution ideas, business, user, functionality and data requirements.
  • Analyzing constraints, business rules, and solution quality attributes.
  • Prototyping interfaces to provide visual models of the proposed solutions.


  • Prototyping requirements.
  • Testing requirements.
  • Negotiating, validating and verifying requirements with all stakeholders.


  • Identifying requirements stakeholders.
  • Eliciting requirements through interviews, workshops, focus groups, observations, document analysis, etc.


  • Structuring and categorizing the requirements;
  • Ensuring every individual business, user, functional, and nonfunctional requirement is complete, correct, feasible, concise, prioritized, unambiguous and verifiable.


  • Managing requirements version control, change control, requirements status tracking and tracing.
  • Enabling requirements reuse and risk management.

Our Discovery Methodology

Our proven discovery process defines the business challenges, IT requirements and unmet needs to help you make a decision. Full collaboration and communication from the start assures a seamless transition and ongoing success is pending a clear communication and success of the partnership.


We adhere to the highest professional standards to meet our clients' business needs.

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