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A Technology Assessment or Technology Audit is an efficient review of your company’s technology necessities, taking under consideration what is required today, and the anticipated needs based on your development. Whether you are an expansive company or smaller, before you decide to purchase new technology, you should highly consider performing a Technology Assessment.

Our Objective

Our IT Assessments provide you with an overall health check of your Information Technology including people, processes, and technology. The assessment will help you to identify security risks, assess hardware requirements, evaluate support procedures, review IT Governance, and evaluate IT expenditures.

When we collaborate together to create IT strategy, non-profits can adopt the technologies that not only improve operations but provide the types of interactions that deepen relationships with your customers, members, donors, volunteers and staff.

4 Steps in Technology Assessment

1. Discovery

Purpose: To comprehend your existing reality

2. Analysis

Purpose: Understand precise usefuleness

3. Define and Develop

Purpose: This step is to build out the vision for the conclusion state

4. Document

Purpose: This is the final step where all your work will be on paper and appear as a well-documented plan

Why is an Information Technology Assessment Necessary?

⦁ It gives you a depiction of your current innovation landscape

⦁ It highlights gaps in your current structure, including aging and inefficient technology

⦁ It recognizes ranges where your innovation is obstructing productivity

⦁ It uncovers wasteful aspects and pointless duplication of hardware.

⦁ It permits you to structure a coherent arrangement for the purchase of new equipment

⦁ It permits for innovation budgets to be streamlined and accurate

⦁ It prepares you for the retirement and out of date quality of current technology

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